Our Activities

Metals Trading

 We are a reliable supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The products are available, according to the customers’ requirements, in various grades, quantities and sizes. Due to our high purchase volume and excellent relationships with the manufacturers, we can guarantee the lowest price for the best quality of our products.

Lifting Construction Machinery

In addition to trading with metals, SEV Brokers Ltd. is involved in sales and distribution of high quality lifting machinery such as electric hoists, winches, etc., and their components (e.g. wire rope, AC motors, etc.). Our products are manufactured in Bulgaria and China and conform to major international quality certification bodies (ISO, TÜV, EC).

Cement Trading

 Supply of various grades of Portland Cement and Clinker is our third major line in the trading business. We work directly with reliable manufacturers from Europe, North Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia to deliver to fulfill the requirements of our partners in Eastern Europe and across the Mediterranean region. The quality of cement we supply conforms to British Standards 12/1996 or ASTM C-150.

Medical services

 The company privately operates a small clinic in the town of Tryavna, employing some of the best medical specialists in Bulgaria. Patients from Bulgaria and abroad praise us for our dedicated staff, modern facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and commitment to quality hospital care.

Commercial Property Holdings

 The company owns broad range of commercial property, which includes rental office and business space, as well as prime site for a hotel development. We guarantee our clients that we will provide the best deals on our portfolio of commercial property in the incredibly beautiful Gabrovo region.